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Apr 1, 2005
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im trying a new method i have several hundred sprouts from germination i am gonna start seperating them into different group well one group is starting out of an oreo plastic holer the one with the three sections see what i was thinking was as soon as the plants sprout outts the soil it will be time to put them in my spot in the woods do you think the oreo holder is too shallow?
i think this will encourage branching in the roots instead of making them grow straight down after they sprout up out of the soil they will go straight outside the next day
i don't know what your talking about, i know oreo-cookies, brother brought them once when he was visiting the US, those cookies are addictable :D, but for the rest, i don't know what your meaning with that holder.

An egg carton would be better than the Oreo holder, but still not big enough. You need to go to the dollar store and buy disposable drinking cups. And you cannot safely set your seedlings out that early - the wind & rain might wipe them out. You need to let them get a bit older & stronger, first.
the area that i have is surrounded by brush so wind and rain is minimal

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