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Oct 26, 2020
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What type of light would you recommend me? I already have one, and so far is the best led light I ever had. It has many modes for growing, and is quite powerful, but unfortunately I need another one. However, I have a good method, a more accurate word would be a box, a stealth grow box, which has everything in it for a perfect growing process, and with it, you have fewer responsibilities, what is more it just more efficient. Consider as well getting a box like this if you more plants, and you don't have so much time for each one, it saves you more time than you think

10 Best Stealth Grow Box | Top Automated Grow Cabinets in 2020
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Nov 7, 2008
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LED or HOT5s,,especially if your new to growing because HPS runs hot and you need to know what your doing. Not that you couldn't do it,,but when someone has to ask a question like yours tells me you don't know a lot about indoor grows.
I have grown from start to finish with HOT5s and had really good grows that way. Buds turned out much better then i thought they would. Works really good as long as you keep the lights right down on top the canopy. I ran mine 4" from the canopy.
I used 6400k for vegg and then changed tubes to 2700k for flower. Mine was a (8 tube 4ft system) that put out 40,000 lumens. Your also going to get some heat from the HOT5s,,especially when you swith to the 2700k tubes,,but again not the heat that you would get from HPS
HOT5s are great for vegging and HPS kicks butt on flowering,,but the HPS can cause heat problems without the right setup and cooling in your growroom.
Leds can be used from start to finish and run much much cooler the HPS. I have nevrr used them but we have several great growers on here that could tell you about growing with LEDs.
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