New to the forums! Hello :D

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Jan 23, 2006
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<SPAN style="COLOR: black">Hey all I'm new here, just saying hi and great site, well maintained and visited!
I was going to post this too lol D:

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Hey all I'm new here, just saying hi and great site, well maintained and visited!
I've embarked on a little project of my own!:
I received a cloned female sativa plant from a friend 2 months ago. I never had any experience in indoor growing but I always wanted to. Acting on this opportunity I quickly set up my closet into a grow room ( 28inches Deep X 6ft Width X 6ft high).
I growing my plant sideways, so that it can grow along side my 4ft fluorescent light fixture (that holds 2 T12 40watt bulbs. 6400 lumens total) On the base of the plant, where the stem meets the soil, I have a 26watt (1700m lumen) compact fluorescent. At the tip I have another 26watt Compact fluorescent. In total: 133watts @ 9800 lumens.
I use:
15-30-15 plant food mixed 'down' to feed every time I water
Miracle grow potting soil (feeds the first 3-4 months)
Negative Ion Generator (for medium rooms)
Soda-water (sodium free) *spray on leaves every day before light sched.
Purified distilled water
Small fan
The plant is very bushy growing sideways. Has anyone ever grown this way? If so please share ideas, results or advice :D
Leaves are dark green, some purple ness to the stems. It seems to be really healthy, so I think it's the strand of marijuana I have...does anyone know? Or if Ion generators do more than just clean up smell?

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