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new year,new home,new strain!! 8 ball kush??


the ant of doom
Oct 18, 2009
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a belated new year to ye all!! i,ve moved home again,(hopefully for the last time!) and have a small space to play with just now, it'll be a soil grow...i can fit in 4 pots,i've got a few 35 ltr pots that are prob too big,but all i have! this grow,as per,is on a tight budget!

i've got a 600w hps,some black and white,canna vega and flores and a small section of loft that i've yet to floor! we'll get there!

what strains can you suggest? i'm happy as long as its 8-9 week flower max.
i was looking @ 8 ball kush but it doesnt look that good a yeilder. any thoughts on it?

i guess a good all rounder is what im after!!!

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