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Dec 17, 2019
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I went to 3 different grow stores asking for a 5 gallon grow pot and they show me these number 5 pots and swear up and down that the shape makes them look less than 5 gallon and that there true 5 gallon pots(largest si. I know there not by looking at them. Ive read everywhere that a 3 gallon pot inside is sufficient my question is do they mean true 3 gallon or number 3 pots. I used to use 5 gallon pails but not all strains push roots that deep and there tall for an indoor grow. I have to pick a pot size. below is my setup.
4 1000watt hps air cooled hoods( takes air from outside dumps air outside )
5'x20' area with trellis netting 6" square pattern(never used this before)
The actual room size is 13'x21 height is 8"
separate veg/mother plant room(aeroponic clones)
co2 enriched with home built propane co2 generator(yes it works as its supposed to)
my rooms sealed and R39 foil back insolation foil side out
I'm using advanced nutrients oim line(full lineup)
RO water
ac split unit
emergency thermostatic outlet with vent to dump heat if something should fail has a damper flap

Is there a standard or min and max height for the trellis net?
What size pots would you use specify gallons or pot size number?
Any trellis use advice would be much appreciated. I'm assuming I weave while vegging a bit which would mean fully harvesting before adding any new plants or I think anyways.
how taunt should i make the trellis?

I've always grown outdoor and just vegged and cloned indoors.


I use grow bags. I went up to 7 gallon bags because I'm only using about 5 gallons of it. I started at 5 gallon bags and realized I was using 2/3 of bag. Made a big difference. Netting height has more to do with strain setup and will vary some from strain to strain. Typically 2 ft to 3 ft

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It is the same with "nursery pots". For some reason, 5 gal pots that are used to grow things are not 5 gal. I think they are something like 3.5 actual gallons. The people in the grow stores do not know what they are talking about. If you want to do the math, you can prove it. Rather than going by any specific size, look at the pots and pick the size that looks right to you for the strain(s) you are growing.

I never use a trellis unless I am going to do a true SCROG. I don't quite understand the purpose of it and it prevents you from moving your plants around, putting new plants ibn, or pulling one out if you need to. I personally feel it is a detriment to a good grow.

Sounds like you have a great setup. You should post up some pics.

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