Drfting07 2022 Blue Dream Outdoor

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Apr 2, 2006
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Figured I would start a journal and keep the grow a little more organized for the group...and myself. And I'm stretching my limits here with time and season which I thought would make things noteworthy.

Picked up 5 blue dream cuttings from a friend July 11. Managed to get all five to root despite some heat issues. My first time successfully cloning. Root Riot plugs are awesome! 😂

Rooted and veg'd for just over 3 weeks, indoors under a t5. They were a little overdue for a transplant before they made it outside into 5 gallon dirt pots.

I still have them under a t5 for the next several weeks to try and get some more veg time. (I have a greenhouse!) Just some supplemental light for a few hours before the sun comes up. 18/6 is what they get. Ill omit the light when I'm ready to flower. We are just under 14/10 where I am now.

Fox Farm liquid trio
Fox Farm/espoma potting medium
Worm castings
Dr. Earth dry fertilizers

Gave them a dose of spinosad tonight as a preventative, headed out of town Thursday for a week.


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Dam a week mmm wish I was closer would say swing them by me... I'd watch over the youngsters for you..... Maybe one day soon we'll have to talk I'm thinking about Virginia Beach area if NC wants to be stuck in the past and lose money and business acting like bud is crack or something
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A lot of growth but a lot of stretch while I was gone. They will have to get more sun than the greenhouse is allowing.

Just thinned lowers and fed.


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It's as low as it can be while still covering all plants. The issue is the greenhouse itself doesn't give the plants enough light so while I was gone they stretched. I've been carrying them outside during the day now to get them the light they need. Probably going to veg them for a couple more weeks.


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Thrips or spider mites? My guess is spider mites. Gave them a dose of spinosad this morning.


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Another picture. All 5 plants show the same damage 🙁


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