Hey MP, New Indoor Grower Here

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Aug 6, 2023
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Hi - I hope you're all doing and feeling well and you had a good day so far.

I'm a new indoor grower with a 3x3 setup, 3" inline analog exhaust fan, Mars Hydro TSW3000 LED @450w. I'm currently growing Skywalker OG in a 10 gallon cloth pot filled with CoM's Stonington Blend Grower's Mix (which was designed specifically for cannabis). I only grow one single plant at a time.

I started growing in a buffered Peat and Vermiculite blend in 3 to 5 gallon pots and only raised mids with GH's FloraSeries line of liquid nutes, despite the good genetics of my beans. I experimented with adding bacteria and fungi to my soil and there was a noticeable improvement in yield and potency, so I decided to focus
on organics.

I settled on Coast of Maine's Stonington Blend because it's designed specifically for cannabis and has a base of lobster compost which is chock full of chitin. They use an endomycho called glomus intraradices; a microscopic fungi that penetrates the roots, taking sugars and breaking down the organics into plant available nutes. I've read where glomus may be responsible for the bulk of phosphorous feedings during flower.

I used to serve as the chef, waiter and bus boy for my plants...now, I just water, occasionally ammend and watch them grow. And boy do they bulk up in that Stonington.
My goal is to harvest one pound of usable flower and at least 28g of kief from a single seed and I do believe this grow will achieve that goal. What do you think?


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