Newbie to growing here

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Well your LST has got a nice spread to it almost filled in Wow looks great 😊
Thank you, just watched a lot of you tube clips and followed the basic rules of growing the easiest way. My goal is to grow cannabis strains the best way, so when it becomes legal to grow here, I'll turn a section of my family land into a cultivation plantation
Cannabis likes the soil to dry out pretty well between waterings/feedings. Not to the point of wilting but close. It allows oxygen to get to the roots. Not familiar with the nutes you are using but if they are working, it is hard to argue with success.

Well your LST has got a nice spread to it almost filled in Wow looks great 😊
Thank you, good thing these days is the internet, copy and paste is what I'm doing, but the simply way, I've joined here cause I'll get other info from others that, watching clips, don't explain properly, already 1 day in, certain things about nutrients are making a bit of sense
so yes he is using and has been using the goliath nutes?

if so , it must be working , like you said , the plants look good

so then his potting soil may Not have any nutes since there are no sign of nutrient burn….

carry on ,i am gonna smoke some kush
It has nutrients in the soil I used, I just didn't add nutrients until 4-6 weeks after plant had sprouted, doing things slowly and correctly
Its good peoples and advice if you ever need it around this forum, good luck with the whole manufacturing of a controlled substance haha jk jk but fr tho, the feds are watchin!


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