No effects?

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I have heard that first-time marijuana users often feel no effect from the drug.. but I was wondering if anyone knew anything more about this, and how many times somebody can use it to still be considered a 'first-time user'.

A couple months back I tried bonging some solid (in the presence of a couple of friends, who are pretty long-time users) a couple of times. I got through five or six cones, but I felt absolutely nothing. A couple of nights later I did the same thing, and again, nothing.
The past couple nights I've done similar - smoked four-seven cones of green, but no effect at all.
In both cases my friends were smoking a few spliffs, and they certainly seemed to be feeling an effect - so I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything to do with the substance.

So that makes four times now.. perhaps the gap had something to do with it, so effectively I've just done it twice? I don't know, and I'm curious, since my friends were sitting there stoned off their heads and telling me to 'go easy on it'.

Anyone have any similar experiences? If so, or even if not, how many more times will it likely take before I start feeling anything after taking stuff?
hey, i have been smoking for like a year now and when i just started out the first 3 or so times i didnt get high and then i started to notice the same feelings every time i toked. then i did like a quater with my friend and his sister in her car. we hot boxed it and in like 3 min u coulndt see shit not even shit 1 inch from ur face. i got so fucked up, i was toooo high and at that second i figured it out. i was just starting smoking and i didnt didnt inhale even tho i wanted too. also it could just be shitty weed or u just dont know wat being high is like
for most people weed doesn't get you high the first few times. This is because your brain is first introduced to THC, so your brain senses it and starts to develop receptors for it. The brain usually needs a bit more to make receptors big enough to actaully get the interaction with the THC and the THC receptors in your brain. You should probly start to feel it if youve done it four times now. If not, maybe try just smoking a different way. bowl, joint, blunt, etc. Thats about all i can think of right now....
hey dont trip it took me about 11 times till i got hi cause the 12th time was actually chronic and not shwag lol and if u wanna get hi inhale the smoke as much as possible dont puff and blow!

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