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Jan 6, 2006
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Now this is no offense towards minors or anything, but.

I notice than when :edit: some not all: minors still living with there parents getting on a forum like this always gets one of the older members ruff up. They either say something that pisses 'em off or like me having kids of my own, I have problem knowingly helping a kid grow in there parents house. I mean what if the parents didn't know it was going on. We helped the kid get his parents in an assload of trouble. Bad Karma thing. Just wouldn't want that done to me.

I don't know, Didn't mean to offend anyone, just I would throw this topic out to the over 18 yr. old members that only risk there own ass and Mods to see where it went.

Thought this was a more of a coffee table than suggestion topic right at the moment. Get everyones input.
thats true. good point. im one of the under 18 members but my mom knows about it.
If I have any inkling that a question-asker is under 18, I ALWAYS tell them it is bad karma to grow at home without their parents knowledge/permission, and suggest that they instead grow outside.
I taught my 15-year old nephew how to grow (after getting an ok from my sis). He went with me once or twice/week (in the summer) on my garden-tending/camping trips.
i think your talking about me, lol, but dont worry, my parents are totally cool with it(i dont even have to hide it) my dad had 40 pot plants growing in his dads backyard when he was my age(about 17, and back in the late 70's) and my grandpa was also fine with it, my dad(and i) do not consider pot a drug, meth, heroin, pcp, lsd, those are drugs, he always told me as long as i dont get brought home by the cops(for anything) id be able to keep my ass in its rightfull place(it would be on my head if i got busted),LOL, but i have to say, to talk to people my parents age about it, its really cool, like havng a mentor, that wont rat you out to the feds!
I refuse to aid/advise any minor growing in their parents house...without their knowledge and consent. Other than that, I don't have any real issue.
i teach my minor kids how to run out in my building and toss my tomatoe plants over the fence if they here a cop at my door wanting to search the house lol. but nothing else . i wouldnt want them to pose a risk like i am when they get older. where i am on probation they can search my house without a warrant so you can imagine how i feel when i see a cop going down the road wondering if hes gonna turn around because he passed my house up . worry worry worry .
yeah, i teach myself how to load and point my ak at people in suits/armor, that way, im always safe :)
Damn Malitia, you got some anger issues??? Sound like you need to smoke more than 1/8 every week. :D . Talking about robbing banks, and blowing up your computer in other threads? Unload the guns man and smoke 4-5 good Bong hits. hahahahahaha.
before i ever found this incredible site i started growing(i was a noob grower back then although im still not what u consider a pro) my parents didnt know i was grwoing in my room till my mom found my 2 females and then she had a talk with me and said it was ok and that i should be a little more stealthy about it haha man i was scared when she found them though i got lucky i had no clue my moms was gonna be cool with it
Stoney... what swamp has internet? Internet is out of control. You got gators passing binary back and forth for you?

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