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Aug 3, 2011
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hi so im new to the forum not new to smoking been smoking since i was thirteen my dad used to be a big pot grower he gre silver pearl northen lights and blueberry along with other strains my dad has decided to stop growing so he gave me all his equipment among other things but he wont teach me how to grow it myself so for the past few weeks ive been reading and taking notes and buying extra **** i need. I planted a a jack herer white shark and super lemon haze seeds under a cfl light with intentions to move it under my 1000w hps light. my plants are started to grow tall now and was in need of some pointers i have 4 1000w hps lights 2 industrial sized fans and other things at my diposal
let me know what you think i should do or drop by and give me some tips i bought a few books about growing along with the canibible 3 book set
Welcome to MP.....sounds like you hve the equipment part down. All you need now is to gain the knowledge. You came to the right spot for that.
yeah i have no knowledge of growing although i alrdy planted the seeds but as far as seeds go i have no worries ill take a pic and send you guys some im living in canada as of right now so my it was easy of my dad to get alot of seeds
ok here are some pics of seeds i have i keep them in an airtight container and all of them are top shelf seeds only problem is they are all mixed up lol

2011-08-03 22-38-18.828.jpg

2011-08-03 22-44-50.984.jpg

2011-08-03 22-45-00.484.jpg
start reading & enjoy! a great site for info.
ive been reading alot of peoples grow journals it rlly helps when do i change light cycles on my plants right now they get 24 hrs light but wen do i do 16/8
you dont have to do 16.this just save $$. better results under 24. i do 24 under flouresence then go to 12 hr when the plant has shown sex & ready or the time is right from clone. (your choice)
Been on a few sites, and you def picked the right one :aok:
These guys will have you goin in no time. he gave me all his equipment[,] ...i have 4 1000w hps lights 2 industrial sized fans...
Nice, What's the dimensions of your grow area?
right now im using a basement about 8ft by 8 ft ill get exact measurement tomorrow and yeah i was hoping this site could get me up and growing lol this is my first time but you learn only by attempting and as you guys see i got the materials to try as many times as need be and about how long do i start blowing a fan on em?? as well as should i even move them under a 1000w hps ill take pics of the equipment i have so far and let you guys see what im working with will even take pics of the plants sprouting up.
I would recommend getting a room set up as soon as possible. I would start smaller with 1 1000W HPS until you learn the basics. Section off a space 20-30 sq ft and get your light and ventilation set up.

What did you use for a soil mixture?

Where did you get the seeds you are growing?
i got the seeds i am growing from a shop in Vancouver i am using foxfarm ocean forest as soil right now and like i said im not even using the 1000 w yet i have it plugged in and rdy to go i have a vent chamber to vent all the heat and smell out the chimney. and i have painted the whole basement white
Tell us more about your ventilation. What is a vent chamber? How large are your fans? How are they hooked up? Where does your intake air come from?
a vent chamber as in i sealed off the dorr to the chimney so its not useable then took some small ventilation ducts and ran it up the chimney. The fan i use to blow the air out isnt very big easy enough to carry but its made of metal and uses alot of power and put out alot alot alot of air. this link is a similar fan to what i have hXXp://
the air intake however comes from an old dryer route thats rights above my basement i just drilled the whole to the outside bigger ran some more duct work and presto.
Now about my weekend i gave my plants a lil more water then they needed then left to my cousins for the weekend came back and the plants grew twice in size at least i think i might actually successfully complete my first grow its deffly getting me excited will post pics soon today hopfeully
another possibility im thinking about is my parents just bought a home in downtown 10 bedroom 3 bathroom 5500 sq ft with a full attic they want me to move in if i can help do some work and pay (rent my parents are big time smokers) they've told me they have found some secret rooms being its a historic home so debating on whether to move or not will post pics of the house they bought if requested to as well
I doubt I'd TEACH my son either. I'd wanna see what kind of effort he'd put into the initial learning, and let him fall flat on his own a few times so he'd maybe pay attention to what I know.
That being said, you look like you're well on your way equipment wise. Now lets see some growing bud!!! If you screw up, we're here for you. I, for one, check the forums at least twice a day.

Now get that lamp off that bed while it's on!!!!
Jack Harer said:
Now get that lamp off that bed while it's on!!!!

LOL--that was my first thought...I wonder how long it takes a 400w to ignite a mattress...

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