Normal that first true leaves have a lot of yellow?

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Nov 10, 2022
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The cotyledons look very healthy but the true leaves have a lot of yellow. It’s about 6 days old above ground, still in a jiffy pellet. Spends the day in a humidity dome, 70 degrees and about 80% RH. Light is 14hrs on, 10 hrs off at 30% intensity (light is about 2 ft above plant). Is the yellow telling me it needs something?
it is probably to early to tell Amigo

i quit using peat pucks a long time ago , there was no consistency in whatever they were made of , probably made out of all the leftovers that are swept up off the floors at the soil plant

sorta like hotdogs and bologna made from the floor scraps at the meat packing plants

anyway , how the Ph on your water?

i dont think you are using any nutes this early?
have you checked the Ph and ppm’s on your tap water?

do you usually use tap water or ever see this type of discoloration in previous grows?

you can always buy a couple gallons of distilled water and start using it asap and then wait a couple of weeks and see how the plant is doing
I would take it out of the dome and get it into a small pot(a 2 cup or do pot) with some soil(or whatever medium you plan on using. The humidity is probably higher than 80 with lights off and dew may be setting on the leaves which can leech nutrients from the leaves.
It’s Runtz Muffin (photo period) in a 2x2x6 AC Infinity tent. I have a 1/4 gallon nursery bag with Fox Farm Happy Frog in it tee’d up, I’ll go ahead and move it into that.
Just keep an eye on things as far as the light goes. 30% I assume on your light shouldn’t burn the plant but it depends on what kind of light you are running. I would introduce the plant to the light without the dome slowly. Maybe put it in the corner of your tent at first as that will be where the light is least intense.

I think peat can be acidic but your soil should make your plant happy. I think most people mix in some perlite with Happy Frog but if you don’t have any, at this stage it will still be better than the peat puck.
Seems like it should be larger after 12 days above ground, but it is growing. I think the yellow patches are supposed to be there although it doesn’t look like Runtz Muffin seedlings that I see online.

I added the toothpick thing to better determine growth.

It should be bigger. Might have something to do with the yellow on the leaves since chlorophyll is green and provides the plant energy to grow. BTW-Do you have a fan lightly blowing on it(an oscillating fan is better)?
It shouldn’t need a humidity dome at this point. That filters out some of the light. I don’t use a humidity dome but I use Saran Wrap to sprout seeds in soil. Once they are above ground, even a little, the Saran Wrap gets tossed.

The fan will strengthen the stem. Just enough of a breeze to have the seedling gently sway a bit. It will also help evaporate some of the moisture in the soil. These plants like a wet/dry cycle. When the soil is drier, the roots grow out to find moisture. If the soil is always too moist, they won’t need to seek out moisture so growth of the roots and thus the plant will be slower.
Does that soil have any ferts in it? If not try a little fish fertilizer or something with some nitrogen. Stalk looks healthy. Nitrogen will help it grow in Vegg.
But it is awful small for 12 days.
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I hate to say this man... but, do you have anymore seeds?? At this point and this early on, you've stressed this little plant and I'd worry about hermie issues down the road. I think your tap water may have been the culprit with the PH being so far off. Sometimes we get lucky, sometimes we don't..
I guess it depends on your seed stock man.. but I'd try a restart see if things go much better.. lord knows I've had to do it plenty of times, plenty... lol. It's a learning lesson and we all do it.

Also.. if not PH the only other thing I can think of is a certain nutrient burn... OR, bleaching from lights to close.

As you can see, all the help you need is right here.. just keep your thread going, keep sharing and people will gladly guide you in the right direction. As growers and smokers we want to see everyone succeed..


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