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Here are my 2 plants they are 5 weeks into flower, They look pinty to me, do they to you? I use a 430 watt hps about 8" above the plants, I water a cup every 2 days and i use just tap water. I went to go buy Triger bloom but 3 grow shops i went too don't carry it. What are some names of good nutrients for flower? I'm not sure what stran it is i got a couple of seeds off a buddy, these 2 plants started from clones. my goal, min is an ounce a plant i think thats not too bad i heard a plant should give about 4 ounces.



man those seem short and pinty

from my knowledge there must be something wrong iwth the light what kind is it?
At this point in time, use any flowering nutrient.
How long did you veg them, under what kind of light?
I have a 430 watt hps for flower, I use 3 20 watt 2' florences lights for veg right now. i want to buy a 430 MH for veg as soon as i cna afford it.
adam do you have two seperate grow rooms? If not why don't you use your hps system to vegg?
I use the hps in my basement conner behind the furnace, i have a 2' florensent light with 4 bulb in my bedroom closet for now. I'm working on getting growrooms, building in my grarge or my basement. The last plants i had i did use the hps to veg and same results,
You don't need a MH. Recent studies have shown than an HPS works just as good as MH in veg, MUCH better during flowering.
Plus, that 430 light you now have sounds like a full-spectrum bulb.
so it would be better to buy another 430 hps for veg then too? also ganjaguru any way to help with my plants, they look like shit. pinty shit. What flower nuts work best?
Actually, I think your plants look great. Only 5 weeks into flowering mean buds will end up phat and sticky.
You have to match bulb wattage to sq/ft of growspace. Rule of thumb for optimum performance is 50 watts HPS per sq/ft. If you buy any other lights I suggest HPS.
In the meantime, you can order Fox Farms products and all gro equip via mail order, from Grow shops. I'm surprized that you couldn't find any. But look in the phone book/internet for grow shops. Most of them have 1-800 #'s and will be happy to answer Q's; just don't mention what you're growing. Legally, they can't sell you anything if you say you're using it to grow pot. Say flowers or chili pepper's, most places that sell hydro & indoor gardening equip. will get the picture.
But Fox Farms isn't the only good nutrient, there are lots of them around. Grow shops are gold mines for info on good nute's. Fox Farms is made on the Left Coast (Humboldt County), shipping may make the price higher than local products of equal quality.
when i go to grow shops i get my sister to take me in her car casue she don't live with me, but i still don't like to spend to much time in there and ask questions i even go to a grow shop just out of my city. Can you give me some name of a good nuts or some sites that might help. thanks alot

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