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Feb 20, 2011
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Hey Im running northern lights and am in the last week before harvest and the smell is kicking up a bit. Using a 160 cfm fan through a 125-250 cfm carbon filter. Is there any thing i can do to get rid of or mask the smell in the house for a week or so, in case someone comes over.
You can get a deodorizer to work with your carbon filter, I can't remember the name of the one I use but it's a chemical free gel that you open and place inside the carbon filter then it sucks it through and the air that comes out just smells like clean laundry.

You could also wash the carbon filter cover, if it's dirty it will be slowing down the air flow.
best advice is don't invite anyone over!

Seriously though, it's a good incentive to look at your set-up. If your grow room is sealed and you're exhausting properly, you should be ok. Since you can smell it throughout the house, you're missing something. :)

Make sure your room is completly sealed.
You may need to wash your carbon.
Where do you exhaust to? Can you exhaust outside?

Short term fixes include:
ONA gel (I think that's what Sparda was referring to). You can put a jar of it right in front of your exhaust so that it blows through it.
Cook something greasy when someone's coming over.
You can build a deoderizer (check the DIY section) using a bucket, fan, ONA gel, and Sta-Dri.

It's tough to cover the smell though. Best to figure out why it's smelling up the house. Good luck with your harvest!
If you have good negative pressure in your room, no smell should be escaping. I can have people right next to my growroom and no one can smell anything.
Thanks guys. I went to set some mouse traps and discovered a duct that wasnt sealed well on an a/c duct letting smell in. The humidity has been high (75%). I had the crawlspace sealed (not a great idea), so i had old stale air circulating through that filter, and the filter was cheap ($70) I do believe that I have it all under control now. I bought a (can 33 6'') brand name filter, and some ona gel (love it).

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