Old Hippies 2011 MONSTERS

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Old Hippie

Smokin up da JOINT!
Aug 27, 2006
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Hey Guys and gals! Been awhile, hey heres a few pics of my girls this year.:)

8 1 11 004 (Large).jpg

8 1 11 005 (Large).jpg

8 1 11 006 (Large).jpg

8 1 11 007 (Large).jpg

8 12  11.jpg
I will have better pics soon, hope everyones gettin high!
:stoned: I could lie under those monsters all day, vaporizing and listening to Simple Minds, Rush and Alice in Chains... :bong1:
There he is. I look for 4 peoples outdoor GJ every year and this is on the list.
Grow show going great I see. Keep it up ya old hippie :cool:
I would lay under the biggest one,,smoke from my pipe with a cold beer in my hand,,,, and listen to Pink Floyd.:hubba:
yet another Monster Grow from Old hippy
looks great as usual..Whats the Biggest one ya ghave? I have a Hossier that is over 8 feet tall now and flowering nice..your Monster grows allways inspire me...Sure would like to have those in my yard

take care and be safe
HellOOOOOO Old Hippy!

Nice to see you back. Now dont be getting a crick in that neck taking any pictures. That shed looks small again this year. The only thing looking small round your parts.

Welcome Home. Come on by my journal, take a while, we got chairs and tea in an hour or so....lol.
I can't see the forest for the marijuana trees!

I grew a 12' once....quite by accident! I emptied my tray of seeds at the property line (old rail bed) and never gave a second thought...until first snow and the only green item I saw from my back window was this tree??? Was too far gone from frost and snow, but still produced over a lb. Looked like a Christmas tree being pulled behind my buddy as he dragged it to the house...
Now that would be a cool Christmas tree for sure. Ahh Green candies hanging from the tree.

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