opinions on pruning my early flowered girl

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May 18, 2011
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So I've posted, and posted pics of my wonky looking GDP clone in other threads.No pics right now, cause I'm on my cel. But question being., the plant finally has fresh new growth and my grower friend said he would prune the lower stuff off to keep all the energy going to new growth. Well the lower branches are early buds that are fat! Super sticky, and about 30% amber trics right now. What say u experienced ones? Let her be til trics turn more or hack the lowers off so the new upper growth gets all the energy for growth? Thanks in advance
I would just let her grow til finished. If you trim the lower growth now it willl shock the plant and set it back more and reduce new growth while it is healing the cut areas.
From what I've been reading, I kind of thought that, but he's a knowledgeable dude that's helped me along the way. Didn't really want to second guess him, but figured a 2nd opinion from u guys would definitly help.
never hurts to get more opinions:aok:

take care and be safe

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