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Apr 6, 2009
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Is it possible to have too much air circulating in a grow room? For example, I have two 22-inch oscillating fans going and they're blowing the leaves around like crazy. Will it dry the flowers out with all the air from the fans circulating
Sounds like it might be a little over kill. They should be lightly dancing not "blowing them around like crazy."
How big is your room? What is the humidity in there?
It should be ok, can you put it on the lowest speed? The only thing I'd be cautious about is snapping a stem, if it wasn't blowing hard enough to do that I wouldn't worry about it. I'd be surprised if two oscillating fans had too much affect on humidity.
lol, maybe just one is enough or lower the speeds,,,Dancing would be better imo too
Mine are blowing around wildly as well, no worries!! It would be better not to have them doing this, but it's also better to have happy plants and not crispy ons!! :)
I love watching the tops of my plants swirl around as the fan wafts air over them, its like a mad green botanical Mexican Wave. Makes for nice thick strong stems too.
IMO, if the room is well contained and yu keep an eye on yer humidity so that it doesn't dry the tops out, and so long as it's not blowing the leaves off the plants it should be fine. the good thing especially with a dense canopy is that yu keep CO2 stirred up and reaching the undersides of the leaves.
My room is about 99 square feet. 11 feet long and 9 feet wide. It is 6'7" high i only have two 600's but i don't use the whole area to grow. Only about 4x8. The fans are definitely not strong enough to break stems or blow leaves off. The humidity level soared to about 71 percent on the hottest days this year so far but I didn't leave my exhaust fan on. With the exhaust fan and the oscillating fans going constantly, it indeed helps with the humidity. I think I still need to invest in a de-humidifier though. This hobby is expensive when you're just a dope fiend :) I wish I lived in Michigan or on the West Coast...
The exhaust fan would help with humidity overall, the fans may help with micro humidity at sub canopy level but unlikely to affect the room rH.

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