Out Of The Ghetto At Last!!

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Vapor Vixen
Apr 11, 2009
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Hoooo-AH! Finally got my flower room starting to set up nicely. No inline fan, carbon scrubber or vent yet, but that's next. I'm pleased as punch to have so much growing area, and two 600W HID's. The surface area there is 7.5 ft X 3 ft Lookie Lookie! Lotsa room now!!! What a great way to spend 420. Another big step up from Ghetto. I'm getting there. Wowzer! I am soooo happy, mi familia!

Happy 420 everyone!

it's gettin lonely in the ghetto :( lol ;)

congrats MM, looks good (whatcha got it filled with?)
and happy 420 to you too
Feels good to be able to stretch your legs a bit eh? mojo for the upgrade mate. what you got growin?
Dang woman, you look like one o' dem fancy mari-G-wanna growers.

Nice set up Mama- congrats!
Well look at that.....next thing we know you will be running shows in a warehouse like NCH....:)

Congrats mama....I know the feeling. I remember going from my upstairs bathroom, to the attic and then to the Spare bedroom in tents. It feels good to stretch your wings...and from the looks of them there fine looking ladies you got the mojo hand as well. Very nice....happy 420.
that's a sweet grow mojavemama, tidy too. going to look forward to seeing more pics!
Nice! I'll be glad when I get to have more room.
Wow, congratulations on the new stuff. It looks so nice and clean and full of bud in there. I am happy for you.
Congrats on the new set-up. Looks like a very productive area, and those plants look super happy to be there. Keep us posted on it.
Excellent, looks like you got it growin' on now!

Looks like your doing well.
Looking sweet. I think you are going to love the dual 600s.
Ver nice! Congrats desert lady! Sending cascade mojo to ya!
Beautiful MaMa!!!!! What a step up from the cart eh? So what do you do with all your spare time now? So happy for you. You sure deserved it.

Your ladies look very cheerful

wow Girly Grower..what a long way you have come...That is a nice setup for sure...let me ask ya...do you still use the cinder blocks as Bumpers?..:rofl:...Now get to Banging out some DAnk..whats the first run gonna be of?

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
Awww, thanks!!!!! Yeah, I'm feelin' real good about getting a new address outside the heart of the ghetto. Feel like I got me a 'white collar' job now.
I'm still taking the babies out to sun every day, just not the flowering plants. I can deal with aphids on the vegging ones but not once they start doing their suicide dive into the sticky trichs.

And yes, 4U, I still have ONE set of cement bumpers in the corner. Hahhhh!If you could see what the Screaming Yellow Zonker does to my walls, you'd know in a couple of months you're going to be seeing a LOT of duct tape on those table legs.

Irish, noooo, I have no way to get fresh air in, but I do have central air, so it does get some recycled fresh air, and when I open the door. But I can't bring it in from outside or I'd be bringing in hot, hot, blistering hot hair. I am planning to vent it up into the attic, though.

Just got my brand spankin new inline fan and filter, though, thanks to the donation from a fabulous member here. Not sure how I'll set it up, as I have no cool tubes. So would have to maybe just put the vent between the two lights and run the venting up into the attic for exhaust? Ewww, I'm so bad at this stuff.

Colorado Lady--you are growing some of the most fabulous trees I've ever seed or smoked. Bowing at your feet. Your greenhouse is just out of this world gorgeous, and immaculate. Man, if I were gay, I'd be so on my knees and begging you to marry me!

TC, good to see you and I've missed chatting! Catch up soon?

Chef man, I love the Cascade mojo, but do you have some that might work on shunning pollen from rogue hermies, whose nanners are deep in the bud and not visible to the human eye until torn apart, millimeter to millimeter? Maybe some hot sauce or something?

THG, I already love them! Plants perking up like mad once I switched from the T5 HO Fluoros. Ahhhhhhhh!!!

JAMA and Cubby-- thanks for the support and great motivation!

OHC. What can I say? Without you, there would be nary a single 600W HID now! You kicked me in the butt and found one I could afford. Forever in your debt. {{SMOOCHES!}}

Rosebud, thank you! It will not remain that clean, I promise you. But hopefully, better bud in the future to come. Have some wicked genetics right now in veg.

Ozzie, sigh, alas, I can't take a decent picture to save my life. So we'll have to rely on all the talent here to offer up sizzling bud porn. I only do human porn well. But you know, we all have our talents. Given my druthers, I'll take what I've been blessed with. ;-)

Nightshift, how small of a space are you growing in right now? I know that feeling. Been there for well over 3 years. Just spreading my wings now....

Old SSSC--thank you! And I'm stealing your catapult quip for my Facebook status! ROFL....upload me a screen wipe, I just spritzed coffee all over the monitor and keyboard, and thankfully, at least the keyboard wears a condom.

Hammy, you are too wonderful for words. You sure got me started loving the autos for fillers. I can't do without them now. They tide me over until the regular plants come into harvest.

BBfan--I'm loving that wine in your profile pix--upload me a glass!

MOSES--I just know someone's going to pm you with why I am sitting here cracking up about your comment. I'm stretchin' something, but it wouldn't be legs. ;-) Thanks for the best giggle of the day! Oh, and what I have going now in flower? Unfortunately, heavily seeded from rogue hermie: Purple Bud, Pocono Red, Wizard, Oregami, and RRF autos during the day. In veg, Pocono Red, #1 UK Exodus Cheese, Purple Peach, Lemon Cough, Crystal Cake, Grubbycup's Stash, Homewrecker and Cannalope. And always, a Wizard clone! Loooove me those Wizards!

Kaotik--you know I'll never be completely out of the Ghetto. I'm just working in the suburbs now. Ghetto girl at heart.

Here's my inline fan(Tjernlund) and filter (Phresh). Yippee Skippee! Now I have no idea what to do. Hahhh!

Picture of my fan and filter and my experiment with autos growing in perlite only, using Passive Hydro a la Grubbycup's simple instructions.
And pix of two soil RRF autos today.

Hugs to you all, mi familia!



Chefman...Aiiiiiiiiiiiii! I have some of that. I think it caused my last heart attack. HOO-AH! That stuff's way past wicked. And do NOT get any on your hands and try to wash it off before you go into the bathroom. I guarantee it will not come off enough to not send you ejecting through the roof of the Loo!

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