OZ's First Indoor Grow

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At the five week mark (four for the OGs), plants are in a growth spurt. Easily visible growth each day. Everybody got a full feed with Jack's and calmag today, as tomorrow is colonoscopy day for me. Recharge every ten days or so. I had to reorganize today, they are really filling up the tent. Luckily, the outdoor girls will start acclimating to real sunlight in a couple weeks. Some training until then, as soon as the fim'd tops stretch out. Fairly happy at this point.


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I've got about two weeks until I can move some plants outside and give a couple room to flip indoors. The big girl needs more rooting space but I'm waiting to repot because I'm afraid it will take off too soon if I do. Everybody else seems happy and are growing by leaps and bounds. I'm lucky I lost two critical plants or I'd be out of room.
Question. What's the easiest way to get a plant out of these fabric pots? I've got some to do and never did it with fabric.
Running out of tent space and rooting space, I moved stuff outside a few days earlier than planned. I probably could optimize quantity if I left only two plants in the tent, but since I have three strains, I'm leaving three. One of each goes outside along with the 9lb/Dosido. 9lb is in a 10gal bag, the other outsiders are in sevens. The three indoors stay in the original 3gal bags.
With seven weeks of vegging done, the tent gets flipped to 12/12. Outsiders are in dappled light at the edge of the woods to acclimate for now. 60 degree Temps and lows in the upper 40s shouldn't be too stressful. These plants seem huge out of the tent, don't know how all of them fit in there. Everything is in promix. Jack's bloom indoors, and general purpose outdoors.
After the outdoor plants get stabilized from the move, I plan on taking a round of clones and putting them in veg outside. Hopefully, by the time the indoor crop finishes and dries, the clones will be ready to flip, say mid August. That will give me three harvests by November and then it'll be time for something new. With only a 2x4 tent, I need to coordinate the grows to get what I can out of it. If all goes even decently, I'll have well over a years supply even as I treat my pals.
All set n ready to grow. The man has his own golf cart..lol.
I've got old legs and a lot of property to cover. The missus loves using the cart for working in the yard. It's electric, so runs almost silently. A lifetime of abuse on this body means I need all the assistance I can get.
A week into 12/12, all the girls are stretching and showing flowering signs. No issues other than a little leaf burn from the last Neem treatment. Running lights from 6 to 6. Neem'd them at 530 pm, but forgot that with the time change, the timer is on a 7 to 7 schedule now. Just a little burn on a few fan leaves.
Outdoor plants moved into full sun a couple days ago. It's been partly cloudy and around 70° so they've adjusted well.
Time for a weekly update. All but one of seven plants are thriving. Indoors, I discovered the cause of my neem related leaf burn. My own foolish blunder. When I flipped the tent, I inadvertently flipped the switch on my timer, bypassing the timer and giving my tent 24 hours of light for a few days. Thus, the Neem was exposed to the lights until it burned off. The plants weren't starting to stretch, they got a burst of veg growth by the constant light. So my flip date got set back, but all are fine and finally into a preflower stretch. Lots of white hairs showing and all three indoor girls are happy. Much more veg time, and I could run out of space. So, no harm done and one bonehead mistake fixed.
Outside, growth is great, stems are thick, and plants stood up to a nice lightening storm last night. When I first set them in full light, I kept them close to buildings to keep them concealed from the road. Hot, still weather didn't provide as much circulation as required and one plant got some PM. Carefully removed and burned as much affected leaf as possible. Neem'd them all after hosing them down and placed sicko as far away and as far downwind as possible. It's the largest plant, the 9lb hammer/Dosido that has the problem, the rest look fine. Hopefully I caught it in time to keep it from getting worse.


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