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Nov 22, 2005
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Does anyone have any pics of pistils when they first start out. Would greatly appreciate it.
happen to have pics of both fem' (pistils) and male (staminate) preflowers. Hope it helps..
Hell yeah thanx I know everything I need to know now except how to prune.
You shouldn't prune at all.
The only reason to prune is to limit size, and that can be accomplished in other ways that do not entail maiming the plant, like LST & Scrog.
But don't you need to prune if a leaf or more is not getting enough light because of another leaf
Nope. Plants will adapt to the amount of light they get. Sure, the more light the better, but a plant will grow leaves to get more light and use the leaves that get less light to store energy for flowering.

If you really want some leaves to get more light, try Low Stress Training (LST) or pinching/supercropping or even topping (yes, that IS different than pruning)...

oh... and Dopeman...Now you know everything? (?!?!?) that's a bold statement, don't you think? Don't be afraid to ask questions, LOTS of questions. Something new will come up everyday, whether its sickness, abnormal growth, or just questions. Either way, this is the place to ask questions and I hope that you'll use this forum to its fullest, whether to ask for info, or dish out some knowledge.

One method of letting more light get to the buds without pruning is simply re-arranging the leaves with twist ties.
Dopeman420 said:
Hell yeah thanx I know everything I need to know now except how to prune.

I have to agree with BeaArthur on this one..

I dont think anyone can say they know everything about growing. I know people who have been growing for AGES and still learn new things a lot more often than you would think.

Please dont take offense to this, but this is a simple truth. The best way to learn about growing weed, growing GOOD weed, is to read, read, read. The life of a plant is, whether you like it or not, a science. You need the correct conditions to produce good results..as many have said in this forum, growing weed is easy, growing good weed is anything but easy.

That being said, dont think that Im trying to hold you down by any means, Im just trying to give you the best advice Ive ever gotten about growing weed! Read read read! ;)

All that being said you can always count on anyone on the people in this forum to help you out with any question you might have.
Sorry let me rephrase that, I know everything I need to know for right now. But thank you all for advice and advice in the future.
Oh yeah does anyone have a pic of a male from a different angle. One of my plants is growing at a very rapid pace except for the pistils they look female but i'm not quite sure.
My seedling bizarelly seems to have tiny pistils, just under the first major set of leaves, is this possible?

sorry I cant show pics, if interested I can email .


Hi Bea!

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