plant looks bad

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Jan 31, 2005
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whats up guys, i've got this problem with my plant. its leaves are wilting and getting tan spots on them. they're 1 and a half weeks in flowering and i don't give them any nitrogen. could that affect them this way.


...looks a lot like severe N defficiency,(except the white spots, they look like sunburn)
MJ needs nitrogen for the first 2-3 weeks of flowering. They use sigbificant amounts during that initial stretch.
i have my lights about 2 feet at the most from the plants. i did add some fox farm 9-6-6 nutes. to them and hopeful they'll repair themselves
man tall'nall, they do look grimm. :(
Tallslim what kind of nutrients are you using? Like Hick said they do look sunburned except for the spots. Hopefully its not to late to bring back around:(
as hick was saying in the first 2 weeks of flowering they need nitrogen. i did'nt give them any nutes untill after finding out this. so i gave them a bat gauno/earth wormcasting Fox Farm fert. with a nitro. value of 9 in the soil. i'm just hoping that they'll revive. thanks for your input and any other infor. would be great.

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