pollen is the issue.

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Sep 14, 2005
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Okay guy/gals me and my friend are wondering what the best thing to do is if you have a female plant and a male and you want to pollinate some of the buds. What should you do put da plants in seperate areas if you have fans on? Give us any info you can? Thanks. :confused:
Yes. seperate them! Males will live well under conditions NOT so favorable.(low light, hi/low temps, ect)
Once the male flowers begin opening, collect the pollen and selectivly brush(small artist paint brush) pollen, sparingly, onto a few of the lower buds(pistills) of your fem.
Remember, 1 grain of pollen + 1 pistil = 1 seed.
thanks hick. always helpful ur like a computer. Anyone with more info to help will be appreciated.
My Male Plant Was Able To Find A Way To Fertilize My Entire Female From 30 Yards Away In My Backyard This Summer. Now I Have Seeds Up The Wazoo, Wish The Weed Had Been Better But Hey I Am A Rookie After All. Lesson Learned. Hicks Recomendations Sound Perfect, I Love Seeing The Input From The Pros. Thanks Hick
damn 30 yards! :0 how far do u think inside?
there won't be as much of a breeze inside...

...just remember to wash your hands and change your clothes after handling the male plants.

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