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Mar 11, 2009
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Hello to all. I'm new to hydro growing and would like to give it a try.
I recently inherited a 5 gal.-4 bucket recirculating system. Now can anyone please tell me how much water is necessary to fill this system to appropriate levels? Or do I just make sure it doesn't overflow? I need some direction. I've been trying to research this, but I can't find a clear answer. All suggestions will be
Tell us more about the system. Does it have a central res? How large is it? Posting up a pic would probably help a lot. You could also use it as a non recirculating setup.
Like THG said need to know what kind and what it looks like(pictures). There are just to many different types to be able to answer your questions.
Thanks for the response fellas.This is how it's suppose to look, but I'll only be using three to grow.
I noticed inside the reservoir that there are some faded markings that I assume were water level markers.
With small plants bring the water/nutes up to the bottom of the net pots. Once roots hit the water/rez I use 3 gallons/bucket of water/nutes till harvest
I run individual DWC buckets and pretty much do as pcduck does.

I would recommend running the same strain when using a system like this. Clones from the same mother is even better.
Yeah whatever you do try not to run different strains in those....it makes it a whole lot easier. I think I am getting the hydro itch again....:)
Thanks for the info all. I can now get a close to accurate idea of how things are suppose to look and operate.

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