Possible hermie? First time please help

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See your other thread for your answer. I wouldn't throw them out. They are fine for small stuff like hurbs and such. House plants that need a little light.
I just use a famur tf1200 it's around $80-100 depending on sales and people have been getting around 110-120 grams on a 110 watt light is what I've read on reviews. (Good for 1 plant).
An 1/8 is only 3.5 grams so you can do the math. If you just get 1/8 or 1/4 it's not really worth your time.
I picked up bottom of the bag bud of GDP for $8 plus tax for 1/8. I'm sure your seeds cost more than $8 and also all your time as well.
Just get a budget led light and your plant will just start to explode.
does this light look better for vegging ?


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They nanners ? Sure look banana like haha


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The slender blades growing at each node is called the stipule, and they are easily confused with pre-flowers. Female cannabis plants produce two distinct white hairs known as pistils from a calyx at various node sites situated between the stipules

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