New set up, questions and advice please

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Jul 27, 2021
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The River
Hi all,
First time grower. My set up is a 5x5 gorilla tent, 6" AC Infinity vented to attic, 650 watt Elevated Lighting Co Demon full cycle, and Im attempting White Widow Photo and auto plants. Tent holds steady at 82 f and 60% humidity (for now), Winter will be here in the lower Cheasapeak bay area in a few months. Outdoors should be good till November. I'll put two autos outside in a mixture of native soil and FFOF. In the tent I'm using FFOF and will grow my photo plants as well as an auto or two. My water is well, its very soft and has Ph of 7.5. I'm using phosphoric acid to get the Ph to 6.5 and will add CalMeg to the watering when I move from seedlings to veg.

My main issue is Im only able to check and water my plants about every 5 - 6 days. I was planning on using fabric pots but Im concerned if they will get to dry in that time. I could also to plastic pots as they will hold moisture longer but then i lose the benefit of air to the roots.

I did a test of a 5 gal fabric pot fully watered and left in my tent. It took about four days to dry out but of course that was without a plant sucking in any water. What do you all think? Plastic or fabric? Any other adice on my set up appreciated.
plastic pots with water drippers and a timer

if you do not want the timer or do not want to set up some drippers and pump , just get some plastic jugs and the adjustable water attachments and BAM! ...plants stay watered

Thanks for the reply. I'm going to look into one of those programmable pump watering systems. If they work as advertised I imagine I could use the fabric pots, yes?

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