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bleeding tears

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Jan 11, 2006
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I Just thought about growing some crop today, and I have a florecent light, a fan, foil, pot fo rthe crop, and soil... I'm growing just for home use so I dont care how good the plant is, but I dont want my room smellin up from growing. How potent will my crop be?
During vegetative growth the smell is nill. When flowering it will smell like a fresh weed bomb went off in your house. Look into a negative ion gen or carbon scrubber. Read up on you odor control.
well, I'm only maken 1 to 2 plants and I have a closet that I can stand in, and lay down, almost exactly my measurements. and probably 2 feet between the wall and door.
It will be ok...as long as it is your OWN home in your Own space where noone goes. During veg...I keep my plant in the Familyroom. No smells, no suspicions. After a month people will still believe you are starting tomato plants...ROFL.
ok thanks a lot. and if not, Iv always got the good ol bathroom spray for the halls if it gets out of control. Thx a lot man. loll tomato plants. Thats great.
If the lysol don't work just claim you found a dead skunk on the side of the house and you just eradicated (got rid of) it. :D
well, also it whont really smell till that bomb stage. so i should be fine. just whont go anywhere during that stage.
It is good you are thinking about it now instead of later when your gramma comes and starts askin' questions. ;)
but guys i have a a few plants an there not flowering jus yet, an the smell is quite powerfull. does this mean they will start soon :D
smell has nothing to do with them starting to flower . i had some sorta skunk strain 2 in a half years ago that stunk the neighborhood up in june and they wouldnt start to flower till sept. they will flower when you force them to flower indoors . 12/12
In flower is when they are most likely to smell and be very fragrent. During Veg. It is not likely to be hard to control the smell. but Skunk (the bud) is an all around different scenerio. Skunk (the bud) wasn't named that for no reason.

but I agree with skunk(the member :) ) it has no indication of it entering to flower. I have had some bagseed stink like crazy (not so much as a KB stink but pretty strong odor) during veg.

Odor control should be number one priority in my opinion. Stealth and security.
you are 100 percent correct mutt flowering time is when odor is more pugnent than any stage . i guess i was telling him its not gonna bud byitself no matter how stinky it is ,its not gonna bud without forcing it with 12/12.

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