Potential Indoor Growing (need help)

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Apr 18, 2011
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I will start off by telling you that I have only smoked weed 5-6 times in the past 6 years. I'm currently 31 years of age. When I was 18 I smoked all the time. The reason why I stopped smoking week was because the strains I was getting in my area where giving me major anxiety. Every-time I smoked, I would get tracers & time lapses that would prone panic attacks.

I was just diagnosed with a fatty liver. This was a result of drinking heavy for the past 10 years. My doctor says I can't have a drink of alcohol for a longgg time, because my liver enzymes are at an extremely high rate. Fortunately, I don't have Cirrhosis, but I get really bad pains in my chest.

So far I have not found any information if weed is bad for the liver. I would so anyways?

The past 6 times I have smoked, I have tried 3 different strains. I have had 3 good highs, and 3 bad highs. I love the weed that makes me feel good that privided me with a good laugh. I'm not fond of weed that makes me lazy, and puts me in a coma. Harsh high's freak me out!

So... I'm looking to grow some weed that will give me up-lifting effects, that I can smoke with friends and have a good time. I have read that sativa's are the way to go here? However, I have a problem growing larger marijuana. I just bought a house with little closet space. I also want to keep it from my wife. I have a shed, and a large unfinished basement. I live in the New England area with cold winters, and humid summers. I'm currently running a dehumidifier to dry out the basement.

So, with all this said, where do I go from here? I want to grow some good herbs, but don't have all the resources to do so. Can I get away with growing it in my basement? I have bought several videos, and books on proper indoor growing. I also have a background in gardening.


#1. I want to grow the smallest plant as possible, thus giving an up-lifting feel good high. Is this possible with a smaller plant? It seems that Indica is the only plant that has a small yield, but giving an intense high (not feel good).
What strains to you suggest?

#2. I live in an area that is only warm 3-4 months of the year, is it possible to grow in a basement setting, with proper lighting?

Any help would be appreciated guys! I was told this forum was the best source for these types of concerns. Thanks in advance!
:welcome: eagle! an auto strain is great is you want small (usually smaller than 3') plants, and basements are great for growing, if you set it up correctly. The ad site Nirvana on MP has many great auto strains that are more sativa (uplifting, head high. instead of a couch lock, sedating high) There is alot that goes into growing your own cannabis, so questions are always welcome :D
Hey Eagleshot, I'll tell you about a situation in my past and that may help you with your experiences.

A lady I knew hated weed because she said it made her have panic attacks when she consumed it.

I talked her into trying some of mine. I gave her a tiny, tiny amount in a bong filled with ice water and ice-cubes and it was about an eighth of an inch in diameter. Really small. She got a little bitty toke from it and said she couldn't even tell she got a toke. She held it as long as she could and exhaled.

From just that tiny toke, she got fried. I mean seriously stoned. She said it was the best high she'd ever had from weed and she got no bad reaction from it at all.

I think people who have no tolerance at all for weed smoke too much at a time. The reaction they get is from being so immediately and totally stoned that they panic from its intensity and their heart rate and respiration increase to a point where they are having a true panic attack from the loss of control of their minds and body.

If you try smoking again, but take only one, very small toke and then put it down, I think perhaps it will resolve your problem.

If you try that, please let us know how it worked.

I have a friend who is on the other end of the spectrum. The man can smoke a full quarter of weed and still relate like someone who is just mildly stoned. Its kind of weird how much this guy can handle.
Moses - I looked at that site for buying seeds. I'm not sure if they ship to the states? Also, I would also like to clone as well. I'm not sure if this is possible with these types of seeds? However, if these produce the buzz that I'm looking for, it doesn't really matter.

Stoney - You are totally correct about hitting it to fast, and to much. The first 4 times I smoked I didn't get high. So the 5th time I took 8 strong bong hits, and smoked 1/2 joint! I way over did it. That was probably the reason for me wigging out.

So... I'm looking for a place to buy seeds that are legally shipped the the states. If anyone has some suggestions, this would be appreciated.
Jeez man----keep this from your wife :hitchair:

First of all, you are not going to be able to keep this from your wife and secondly, it is unfair of you to even try. If you are busted, she is as guilty as you and you both could face jail time--at the very least, she would have a criminal record. I would advise you to really rethink this. It is bad mojo.
That is exactly what I was thinking, THG. How do you think you can keep this from her and why?
Rosebud said:
That is exactly what I was thinking, THG. How do you think you can keep this from her and why?

My wife prefers me to smoke over drink... So, you are all right in the fact that I should tell her. So, what I have decided to do is go into this with a friend. I just spoke with him, he is totally game! We are going to use his basement. He is single, and has way more room to store these puppies.

So any other suggestions for a newbie? We are going to do the proper research, not looking for instructions, just info on what to grow for what I'm looking for :)
Wow eagleshot I had to reply to this one , When I was a kid we used to only get bag commerical weed although some of it was very good weed.. I remember we got weed before that was used to call tripping weed.. No it wasnt dust.. we got that too but it was just really good weed.. I remember at times feeling a bit paraniod. self conscious at times Some weed even could be a bit spooky.. Like you might not want to be alone while smoking it. There was an acid trip or 2 as well in which I couldnt smoke weed for about a week after or I would start to feel like I was going to start to trip again. The whole body high and tight feeling throat as well.. Looking back on it I now know in reality it was me and my mind set. my conciousnous , imagination ect. I was a kid ect Now back a few years ago I had to go take back some weed from a woman who told me it was too strong.. She wanted the MILDER weed.. She actually asked me if I had treated it.. She had never smoked potent weed before and was accustomed to smoking reg commerical weed I guess I would just start it one hitting it.. waiting a few and seeing where it goes from there.. In new england you have several surronding medical mj states RI Maine I bielive.. My brother grows weed up there in Mass and your right its a short growing season . Good luck and take care. Hero
Are you legal? I just wondered because it is nice to start with clones. Do you have a dispensary around?

I have only grown from clones until now I am doing seeds. I think Jack Herer is a wonderful variety and easy to grow.
It is also a fairly good yeilder. 2 oz in the beginning from one plant.
You guys be sure to tell no one (except your wife) lol and be sure this partner is someone you can totally trust. There has been some bad partnerships around lately. Good luck and we will be happy to help you.
The height here do not matter and you can easily grow a plant inside but which kind of a plant you want to grow depends and what are its requirements that also matters.

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