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Apr 4, 2005
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when is a good time to start pruning the plant? is it required?
Depends on what your trying to do. If you want mor ethen one growing top then yes it is required. If you want one big cola. Then no. Some people trim off extra leaves before flowering but it tends to lower yield. Some people do it to train a plant in a specific direction.

So what would you want to prune for is the question ?
If your talking about tipping, or fimming, to increase new lower branch growth i personally would do that after the plant shows maturity. Alternative branching.
I no longer tip or fimm (prune)to create bushier plants as i train mine horizontally and let the lower growth keep up with the main cola.

If your talking about pruning off fan leaves, i suggest not, as they are required during the latter stages of flowering, and will die when no longer required.
Tie them out the way if they concern you :)

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