Purple Seedling

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Jul 18, 2009
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HELLO MPer's as the tittle say's i have i seedling that's is going purple she is Burmese Kush in soil around a week old, she look's healthy to me just wondering what you guy's think any one had a seedling do this ?
PS it's not nail varnish on my nail's it's spray paint LOL that should keep the Ozzy away
peace fruity
purple 001.jpgpurple 002.jpg
purple 003.jpg
you got a PH problem in your soil.
iv had some autos seedlings go purp but it grew out i doubt it ph problem it would be yelowing
Colors in the stems/leaves of plants usually means a ph/nute issue....being this young, I'd agree with Mutt on ph.
I'd say ph as well....cute lil bugger though.
PH or no PH problem she is still fine crazy stuff, here's a new pic all new growth is green apart from stem, vain's witch remain purplepurpssss 001.jpg

purpssss 002.jpg
Keep an eye on the leaf wrinkle Fruity, if it continues or worsens then the plant is drying out through leaf moisture evaporation.

hello HIE long time no type hehe how you doin m8 glad ya back thank's for the head's up
peace fruity
Looking nice fruity, I just cut clones and put my Burmese into flower. She has the same big leaves purest does.
mojo to ya fruity

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