Hello fellow growers my name is Frogyrogy

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Jan 18, 2020
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Hello fellow growers,

It was suggested several days ago by Mr. @pute that I find my way over here to the intro section and tell everyone a bit about my grow. So, a week or two later:

I do a very small scale "perpetual" type grow, I have two in late flower (Bruce Banner/Acapulco Gold), one (Banana Kush) in transition in the flowering tent and two (Blue Gelato 41/ChemPie) seedlings @14 days in the veg tent, and six cuttings (BK) under a dome at the moment.

I grow small plants normally, flip them somewhere around the 3-4 week of veg, harvest 2-4 ounces per plant and normally finish around 100-110 days from birth. I don't grow those autoflower versions . . . doesn't make sense to me to invest my time and $ in a plant that does what it wants when it wants, doesn't provide cuttings or the ability to reveg if I want to run it back.

I grow in 70/30 Coco/perlite (I buy the Mother Earth's premixed) and use the GH Flora trio with Armor Si and CalMag, drain to waste. I hand feed/water daily to runoff . . . but as I get older (59 now) I'm looking more and more at some sort of automation because of those darn basement stairs that my old knees hate.

Flowering tent is a Vivosun 4x4 (zipper sucks) with an HLG Scorpion Rspec led, AC Infinity T6 exhaust fan with carbon filter and a small tower type oscillating fan from the wallyworld.

Veg tent is the Mars Hydro 3x5 with the 3x3/1x3 sections. I have a Mars Hydro TSW2000 in the 3x3 section and just a couple standard led bulbs (sans diffusers) in the seedling/clone section. Ventilation is a AC Infinity T4 exhaust and a small 6" fixed fan to move air around. I sometimes use this tent as a drying tent also and connect the carbon filter for that scenario.

I've been growing for a long time, but only discovered these online forums about a year or so ago . . . I mostly hang in the shadows and read. I know quite a bit about my own growing methods, but I would be lost if I had to try an indoor grow in soil. Like my mamma told me: "dirt belongs outside."

A good friend was attending Virginia Tech for an ag degree around 1990 and introduced me to hydroponics and GH Flora trio . . . the only thing I've changed since is the grow room is now a grow tent and HID lights are now LED. I'm sure I do some things wrong and some right but it's been working for me a long while and I'm good with it.

Set in my ways? You betcha!

Nice write up there Frog

for the record , I won’t smoke any flowers locally unless they are from Frogyrogy...almost as good as mine

but if I run out or my one time shot at outdoor goes tits up , I will definitely hit up the Frog for some flowers or hash

oh yeah , I cannot see your photos

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