gmo Grows Grandaddy Purple (Humboldt Heirloom Cut)

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Hey @Carty you are correct with not having or making seeds with it. This one is a clone only that took me years and years to track down. I'll be preserving the mom and plan to keep it around for as long as she lets me.
Judo Chop.... hehe. was that her you cut down? I can't wait to see a shot of a bud broken open... see how deep the colors run and should go all lavender and grapes... this was an excellent hunting job bro... if I was into photos atm I'd be begging for a cut... hahaha.
I kept up with this thread as best I could. I even went back to double check before asking. What type of smell did you end up with and during the grow did it start one way and end up another? I remember in the past you have had one or 2 that did switch up.
I don't believe you. Send sample please to Weedhopper at BR549 Weedy Texas
Everything cleaned, and here we are.

Day 1
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Everything cleaned, and here we are.
New member here and if you do not mind I would like to ask what modifications have you made to this system? I made the same system as shown on family plot garden, i see you have tubes running in that are not on the video, is that a extra reservoir or what? I am pretty new to this and would like to learn as much as possible. After seeing what you have done with these plants I am very interested to know as they are beautiful! Have you tallied up your total weight or have a guess at what it will be? Again great job it looks amazing.
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The extra tubes running in (and out!) of the reservoir are air lines feeding, air stones, a submersible pump power cord , and 2 large tubes that recirculate water to and from a reservoir chiller.

Everything is still hanging, but it'll be just shy of 2lbs all said and done.


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