Stardawg Showdown: Corey Haim vs. Guava

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Oct 31, 2007
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Starting my next cycle this weekend and I'm stoked. This will be a showdown grow between 2 legendary cuts of my all time favorite strain. Which will prove itself to be the best of the best?


This is one you won't want to miss.

I'll be using the following equipment:
4'x4' AC Infinity tent
1x Mars Hydro FCE8000
Homemade LP Aeroponics tote
6" AC Infinity t6 fan and filter
GH Flora line 6 part nutrients
Apera PH60 and EC60 meters
Hisense 5500BTU air conditioner piped in
Clip-on fans
JBJ Arctica 1/15th HP chiller (when needed)
50w aquarium heater (when needed)
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Guava is in. Corey will be placed early next week.

The guava came to me in soil plugs. Since I was ready to give this grow a go, and since soil would not be friendly to my reservoir and pumps I GENTLY removed as much soil from them as I possibly could without creating too much damage to the very developed root system. I think I did a decent job, but they are taking a bit of time to rebound. I'm just starting to see new growth and the root system is beginning to develop. Shouldn't be long before they take off.

You need some Freakshow seeds to show us how it is done. My Freakshows double in size monthly not overnight…
You need some Freakshow seeds to show us how it is done. My Freakshows double in size monthly not overnight…
I've been watching all you folks growing that out! It sure does look interesting. I've moved away from seeds for the time being or I'd take you up on that!
What a difference a couple of days makes. Just a few days shy of 4 weeks. They'll probably veg for 6 total before switching to flower. Everything has been topped once, net coming soon.
Day 29 veg. All of them have been topped 5-6 times. I'll clean up the lowers this week and drop a net on them. Planning on flipping at 6 weeks.

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