Airborne and gmo Tandem Grow Top Dawg Seeds GMOxGTH

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Jay-zeus Christmas! That is amazing! As a kid I would have had this High Times centerfold shot on my wall.
Hopefully those pics are better.


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I'm so glad you were down for this fun little grow @Airbone . Yours look great, and the smoke is gonna rock your socks! I finally tried it, and it gets the stamp of approval.
My cut is getting passed around quite a bit right now. It's going by the name O.D.D, Ol' Donkey ****. I think you might be hearing more about it in the near future 😎

Say, you down to do this again sometime?
So all chopped today..
I am happy with the grow..
Still learning and the next one will be even better!

Left is Rainbow sherbet,
Middle is the gmo x gth and right is the Irene OG x white Runtz.
I really enjoyed this grow!
Once I move shop….
Next journal coming soon.

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