Gmo Grows Chimera #3

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Yeah but I wanna see yours hooked up
You mean with me hanging from the ceiling, or in the tent. Lets see. I will have to post pic. Not sure they are visible, fishing line pretty invisible. You can see a bunch of skinny stalks with big buds standing straight up!
You can use as many yo yo's as you need. I will add more as the buds plump and need assistance standing. These little things have saved my ass more that once.
I had 15 of them in the big Chrimera 3 tent. 6 plants

These were the last two plants. The heavy budding one is now cut. The other is running about 3.5 weeks behind it. Will be adding my two "mothers" of one Chrimera 3 and one LA Pure Kush to the flower tent, both are nice bushes. Not really mothers, I just took some cuts, and into flower they go. Now replaced with new clones. I dont need any more cuts for a while, and this keeps my temporary current mother small and manageable.

Nice looking plant. Hope mine fills out like that. How far along?
Just about the exact same time as gmo at cut, 62 days. This last one I left an extra week, maybe a little more purple was about it. Week 6 I thought buds had gotten pretty big, but the 7th and 8th week they went nuts with those rose bud looking protuberances, tons of crystals.

Nice fox tails. I like them personally. If you don't get more air circulating on top of the plant.
Lot of air moving through tent, last few weeks fighting mid 80 to 91 degree tents with 65-77% humidity. No mold or rot. Lots of air moving lots.
Foxtailing, but really fat fox tails.


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They work great until you have to move the plants
Not really, just unhook them. If moving short distance away, they just pull out more line. Move them closer, extra line is retracted. When I cut 4 of 6 plants, I just moved the two left to center. line adjusted. If you set them up cris crossing every which way to same plant, you would have to un do them.

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