Gmo Grows Chimera #3

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Speaking of worm/tea socks, I hope this isnt one of those things that gets better each time, I pitched mine.

Nice looking plant. Hope mine fills out like that. How far along?
In the beginning, it doesn't look like it's going to have much buds. At week 6 they were quite decent, and I figured week 7 and 8 would surely help with some swell. And swell they did.

Starts out with just Tufts of bud along the stem. Then kind of looks like old Thai sticks. Then the buds start to stack, lots of swell during weeks 7 and 8.

Mine are rushing me to transplant them earlier in their final pot so I can deal with the growth. I think they will get transplanted in a couple days when I get time so I can start working on keeping that height down.
So how is everyone's Chrimera 3? I've got quite a bit of it, and I am really beginning to like it. Seems indica dominate, and has some nice smells. Growing, I detected caramel, like gmo said. i also smelled pine, but now that its cut and dried, I dont notice the pine so much. Its still curing, but now that some of it is done, I notice other flavors when smoking. Second half of joint is starting to have those indica notes of hash, sandelwood and spice. After smoking, leaving the room and coming back, that killer old school indica smell is in the air. The high is very relaxing, not feeling any edge.

I prepared two filter bags of torn up buds and put it through the 12 ton Dabpress, and this stuff is dyno-mite! Warmth coming up the sides of head, giving relaxation with no edge.

How is everybody else finding?

I still have about half a P of it that's aged about 6 months. I like it much better now than I did at the 1-2 month range. It's really evened out in to a nice mellow flower. Caramel, some orange, some mint. Not much floral or funk. If blindfolded, it may be hard to determine that you're smelling weed if you didn't know.

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