gmo Grows Deathstar

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Lowers looking real nice!

She's so pretty, great shot to bro.. Love the purpling, and I swear I see it in the trichomes also..
what's she smell like?

Did I tell ya what I did? had a fungus gnat infestation.. don't buy soil at a farm feed store.. doh.
so, I read Hydrogen Peroxide kills them on contact.. (LIE).. lol. So I gave it to them twice, over used
it and within a week, Powdery Mildew. 2 I cut down and threw away, no saving...

The plant that fought the hardest and held up pretty nice was H.A.T.T. Seeds UBC Chemo x M39.
flush day 1ee.jpg
Now you know why that banner is under his name... brother can grow.
Haha I know bro! His chimera #3 grow diary is how I found this place. I was looking to see what I could expect from my hunt, and stumbled upon his I already know what time it is! Just haven't had time to check everyone's grows out in awhile!
I just love seeing leaves with the very end of the tips being burnt. That tells me that they were dialed in to the edge. I don’t know how you can do it any better GMO…

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