gmo Grows Deathstar

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Day 69
And why he's a bud of the year winner people. The man got's skills..

Just beautiful buddy.. Oh, I chopped the UBC x M39 and am really impressed with it.. now I can't wait to run the Williams Wonder x M39. it makes the whole house smell like high school garages when someone in the back room takes a few hits.. Love it bro
Did you take the bud off and put this under a microscope? I can't get shots to this detail free handing it but you seem to have found a way
Also excellent grow journal. After reading this your labeling the days of the flowering stage helps me know where I am and what to expect. Thanks
Hey there.

When the buds are beginning to look close to being done, I cut off a calyx and put it under a microscope to check trichome ripeness.
What tastes are you getting off of these...I just grew DeathStar x RunAwayBride...I had forgotten that I grew DeathStar before and did not like it ..I had 4 phenos...2 took right after the DeathStar but the other 2 lean to the RAB...and I love them...dank as hell...but the me...tastes like you ate a stink are fuckin stoned as ****...for hours...I just don't like the taste...I can't tell you how many plants have hit the trim bin after going 80 days because I hate the taste!
I feel ya on the taste for sure... some rub me the wrong way too... kept getting samples from one buddy and all his weed tasted the same.. awful. Found out he doesn't believe in flushing or a plant going thru deficiencies so feeds right up to harvest. Also, used black strap molasses which to me makes all your weed taste the same, yucky after taste.
The buds look stellar.. hopefully that's the one you liked.. lol

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