putting seedlings into waht soil??

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Mar 31, 2011
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Hi all, just a quick question to you all , im about to transfer 3 happy lil seedlings and wondered if i can put them straight into my Biomix all mix soil???

I have read i should use all mix light to begin with , will i be able to get away with using the full streangh all mix ????

Don't want to damage my first baych of ladies....:)

Any feedback greatly appreciated....

Peace all...:holysheep: :doh: :doh: :doh:
I dont have any experience with that soil but I wldnt put seedlings into any soil that might be hot. I use MG SeedStarter...it has no added nutrients or time released ferts. My seedlings dont usually get fed for 2-3 weeks...had a few go 4 weeks before they needed a feed. Jmo
hey ive got my ladies planted in bio bizz all mix so far no problems i planted them in bio all mix as soon as i had germ them thatas was 3 weeks ago and there all gd
ty for your input hamster and bonzo , nice to know somebody has done this and all is going well...Sweet

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