Pyramid pots? Anyone using these?

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Aug 4, 2011
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After a recent visit to my local hydro shop, i was asking for info on the ' Air pots' he said that most ppl use the air pots for dirt but for pro-mix guys they were giving them 'pyramid pots' . it looks like a regular pot ,wide on top and tapering down to a smaller botton except in layers. Think of an upsidedown layered wedding cake, like that, with holes around the circumference of each decreasing layer Clear? It was explained to me that these pots use an ' air pruning' principle. I have to do more research into that,as i could'nt recite the meaning of that principle here. But i was wondering if anyone is using these yet? Perhaps they are only new to me, not sure.

I wonder if they might have another name too, as i can't find a pic of 'pyramid pot' from google
:ciao: I have seen these at the grow shop but felt they would get top heavy if grown a 3 foot or better plant..give them a go and let us know how they work 4u

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:

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