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Sep 21, 2005
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hey everyone..hows ur plants going....good i hope...i a interested in buying a new light set up...if i want to grow 2 or 3 plants with one that possible and would i need a 400 watt system or a 1000 watt...i can save more money if the 1000 watt would be a better choice...didnt know if it would be too much light for the plants...also would a 400 watt HPS (High Pressure Sodium) with Metal Halide conversion bulb work. its $165 on ebay...good deal????
piture of setup as attachment..

heat lap.JPG
Match the watts of HPS you need with the sq/ft of your growspace. 2--3 plants need a space approx. 4--6 sq/ft.
At the recommended 50 watts per sq/ft, you'd need 200--300 watts for a growspace that size.
Yep, all depends on the amount of square footage ya got.

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