Question on Electronic Timers

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May 31, 2011
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Back with another question. Thanks to everyone for answering my previous questions. Has been very helpful.

I'm wanting to put my 12/12 cycle on electronic timers and want to make sure I get the right ones. I currently have some Brinks Timers ($6.97 at Wal Mart) and looking at the specs (15 amps, 120V, 500 Watts). I am running two 1000w HPS in the flower and wanted to turn them on/off automatically as well as the cooling fan.

Maybe a stupid question as the timers are 500 watt and the lamps are 1000Watt but didn't see the wattage when I purchased them. I was only thinking about amps and 15 amps seemed more than enough.

As you can tell I'm not very educated in electronics.
your running more wattage thru them than they are design for and creating a fire hazard
ozzydiodude said:
your running more wattage thru them than they are design for and creating a fire hazard


Running 2-1kw lamps is going to require a good bit more than a $6.97 WalMart timer.:eek:

I use a Intermatic T101 40amp mechanical time switch for my HID's. Not the cheapest, but no worries about it melting.

Save the cheapies for the low power applications.

its so stupid that they even make a timer that can handle 15 amps but only 500 watts.
Yu definitely don't want to keep using the low power stuff for this hobby. Letting all of the smoke out of yer growroom is a real good way to get a :cop: visit. If yu have a hydro shop in yer area, yu can get some nice ones from them, or yu can look at some of the online hydro shops like HTGsupply and discount hydro. In this industry, more often than not yu will get what yu pay for.:hubba:
The Intermatic PE153 would handle both lights and the fan and its digital. I run a couple of the intermatic t101s because that's what I had around.

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