questions about budding

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dank specialist

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Feb 21, 2006
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im growing the strain " jack herer "..
quick question

the flowering is producing the residue on my leaves now so when i rub my fingers on it, its all sticky and smells really good. does this mean my plant is going to start budding now?
well if its a female than chances are shes gona start exploding with nice tasty buds pretty soon
yesss she is already beginning to reak up my apartment. ill have pictures soon
dank specialist said:
yesss she is already beginning to reak up my apartment. ill have pictures soon
Sup DS. How long have you been in flower? You shouldn't rub the leaves of your plant because you are destroying the trichromes when you do this. The trichromes are what get ya high. :aok:
haha sorry i couldnt help myself because i was soo excited.. but yeaaa .. the pistils were evident the beginning of december. So you can kinda imagine how far along it is. but yea, who wouldnt rub the leaf if it smelt better than any bud they smoked.. but i wont anymore, i realize i could damage something.
yea u need those leaves intact so u can make some nice hash after harvest
yea. thats something i do not know how to do. if you got to the bud pictures, you can see my lady. i just posted her 20 minutes ago. you can see the crystals on the leaf already at this stage.
go to the DIY section...there is a thread on making bubble hash
well yea bubble hash sounds yummy. If you want to see this miraculous plant, go down to the bud pictures under JACK HERER

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