Rats,Mice, and Roller Bug's

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Aug 11, 2005
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5 days ago when i went to check on my ww babys i noticed on 1 of my other strains that a little bit more than a leaf was missing the whole top was gone didnt pay much attention to it fig. maybe a mouse got high off it and probably died or something . day 2 wnet back in there to water plants guess what another missing that was bigger from same strain i was like must be a rat because ive killed them in backyard before eating my beagles dogfood . i was getting pissed and thinking as long as they dont touch my ww and ww x erasers they,ll be all right until i get some rat traps .day 3 im ******* missing 2 ww and 1 eraser . now im very pissed . i start investigating there is some dirt all over the back of the floor where i never look ,looks like the dirt is being taken right from 1 out of 5 of my drainage holes and just scooper in a nice little pile .looks as if something was buroughing in my topsoil . i went straight to the hard ware store and got mouse traps ,gluetraps, and rat poison .came home and was thinking about camping in there watching for the bastard thats been doing this instead though i felt safe that they might fill up on the rat poison and not want to eat my plants nomore or it might get pinched in a mouse trap or even better they'll get stuck in some sticky ass glue from glue traps and i can torture the ************* thats been raiding me. well guess what get up next morning on day 4 just cant wait to see the mouse or rat notta dam thing but the good news was still had rest of my plants and fig. whatever it was must got scared been almost caught before or something then i picked up a glue trap and was gonna move it closer to the pot to make dam sure nothing was getting bye i saw a little fragment of dirt on it and i picked it up to remove it and fig i might as well read it nothing else to do well guess what it doesnt say mouse glue traps it says roach ant and crawling insect glue traps with bannana flavoring . i told myself olwell it still seems sticky enough to catch a mouse so i place it back. next morning day 5 i go out and just glance behind dont see a mouse looks like a bigger piece of dirt on it again like the mouse was scratching a clot of dirt on it to piss me off so i went to pick it up and clean it off and guess what to my surprize it was a dam roller bug i was like ahaa theres the son of ***** thats been eating at my plants and hell i wouldnt of thought anything about him 1 in a half weeks ago before i read someone elses post and hick said something about them roller bugs will eat them too . i am so glad i read that or i wouldnt even think anything of it i would still be mouse hunting . now i am wondering how the heck did hick find that out whether he has similar exsperience or simply read a marijuana enemy guide ? i think this is good for all to know next time they want to blame a little mouse cause this is day 7 and evrysince i caught that 1 bug nothing else has been touched .
now i am wondering how the heck did hick find that out whether he has similar exsperience or simply read a marijuana enemy guide

don't think tht was me, skunk. Whut the hale is a 'rollerbug'? ;)
if it's one of those little 'armadillo' looking bugs, I don't think they nip plants above ground(though they may) Most likely a mouse. Keep the "trap-line" baited.
lmao , yes im pretty sure it was you . i guess you gonna force me to do what nugz said and that was to go look at past posting i maybe wrong though. yes it is 1 of them little bugs that curl up when you touch them either sow bugs or roly polies . i just got though looking them up and it said if they are bothering you to cut back on the water they thrive in moist damp areas and forage on low growth like strawberrys . that is all i could get out of the site but youre probably right but i still yet to catch a mouse and not missing anymore tops . but definetly leaving traps set .
just keeping informed i caught another roly poly in my glue trap no mouse yet . but i do know i have caught mice out there trying to use my insulation as a house . when i decided to tear it down thats when i started missing plants . so i donno 2 roly polys no mice yet. cant wait to catch one so i can smell his breath lol.
We called those things "pill bugs".

I'm 99% sure they feed only on decaying matter, so they shouldn't be a threagt to growing plants.
In fact, I've never seen one on a plant.

Sounds like a mouse.
I've had grasshoppers munch on leaves before.

Btw, are you in the southern hemisphere?
i was kinda hoping it was one of those things now since i caught 2 . however they may be attracted to bananas because it was banana flavored glue trap . however i am leaving all traps set permanantly that and whole bag of mouse and rat poison spread out all over room cant really tell if they was munching yet cause my stupid ass set them out to where i could step on them . i also found a little black spider on my bigger plant one of them real fast ones and wasnt thinking i was afraid he was gonna get my finger 1 day so i found him setting still and stomped him . i wasnt thinking he wouldve took care of other bugs that eat plants. well not bugs maybe mites or moths .but thats me i can get caught alot not using my head . but as far as hemiphere i live in ohio. why you ask?

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