re-adjusting light cycle before going outdoors

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Apr 18, 2008
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I was reading on here about transplanting to outdoors. I should have probably done that before I started these seeds! I have some BC Early Skunk going, and they have been on 18 hours of light, now about 4 weeks old. But I forgot to consider that on my planting date, there are 14.1 hours of light.

Is this a good idea--Between now and then (about 2 weeks) just put the light cycle down to 14 hours 15minutes, and hope that I don't put them into some kind of wierd hormone/flowering state? I was even thinking of going with 14 hours, so that the outdoor daylight would actually be slightly longer, giving the plant the signal that they daylight is actually increasing. I think 2 weeks should be enough for whatever hormones are at play to mellow out and stabilize, don't you think?
I think at 14+ outside you should be fine to stay at 18 indoors, and everyday will be a little longer so i would think you'll be fine, but see what others think.
It sounds like a good plan, John. With all the strains and phenos out there, you'll never really know for sure until you do it. That's one of the problems with one-shot-strain grows. Each strain has it's own "trigger" for flowering, and it can be a combination of light and other factors, depending on the characteristics of that particular pheno of that particular strain.

Once you've done it successfully, it's important to log it somewhere with the strain, date and conditions, (a journal here would be cool). Then you'll remember it next time you grow that strain and all the folks who read your journal will have a basic idea of whether or not it'll work in thier area.

Good luck man!

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