Re-vamping my grow room.

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Jan 11, 2011
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So, for some reason, I did not measure the correct square footage of my flowering room. Space cadet!#@$& I have been using a 600W in 21sqf of floorspace. I just picked up another 600w. I am also going to pick up two new reflectors, with 8" outlets to cool. I will be running Lumatek Ballast. Any suggestions on what I should get for reflectors?
i prefer the magnum xxl or the raptor from hydrofarm..good luck
I run 2 600W in a 3 x 6.5' space (19.5 sq ft). I like large air cooled hoods. I have some no name thing that I have had for years, but I love it.

What are the dimensions of your space?

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