revegging a harvested plant

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Aug 27, 2005
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hey guys i was wondering if you harvest a plant but leave it in the potting mix and switch back to veg would it take a long time to start growing again i wanna harvest switch back to veg then take clones from it to start the next generation or is it better to take clones before flowering as i only have one grow room and im not sure how to do it i wanted to harvest first then take clones so that i can put the grow room into veg time then when ready switch to flowering and then start the cycle again is there a way that i can make this work
It takes a while. And you must leave some kind of growing node on it. So you must leave atleast one bud. Though it's faster just to root another clone and grow it then reveging a plant.
if i was to cut some nodes of that have bud growing on it will this work lets say a 3 inch bit that has i little bud on it and put that into vegging that should work shoudn't it
Take cuts ASAP. The further into flower, the more difficult rooting becomes and the longer it takes to begin re-vegging. Make sure the donor plant is well watered and healthy and take your cuts from lower branches. Prepare to test your patience.
If your cuts fail, you can still attempt the revegging after flowering for clones.

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