RIP Dr. Jack Kevorkian

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I am my own caregiver
Jan 15, 2011
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We lost a true hero of the medical profession last night. RIP Dr. Jack!!!!
Dr. Jack helped a buddy of mines aunt relieve her suffering and then was arrested and tried for it and was found not guilty. She suffered for a long time and finally was able to rest. I just hope there is someone like him around if I'm ever in the same situation. R.I.P.
Had a guy downriver that died of throat cancer, he had the means to end his suffering, prescribed by his doctor under the law Jack fought so hard for, he said it felt good knowing he had a option,even though he didn't use it,the option was opening 100 seconal capsules, (you old farts would know them as LillyF40s or reds),and mixing them into his pudding and eating it, you have to mix your own or its not legal. your in our prayers Dr. Jack. I always felt you were right on!!
I could never figure it out. We consider it inhumane and cruel to keep an animal alive past the time it has any quality of life. However, for some reason we seem to believe that a person should be forced to continue living even when there is no hope and they are in terrible pain. I think of Jack Kevorkian as a pioneer and a saint to the terminally ill.
I hear his last words were " Do i have to do everything myself "

Thats a joke, I bet Jack could appreciate it though.

:yeahthat: :rolleyes: :laugh:

There's a moving and sobering documentary called "The Suicide Tourist" on this subject... about a place in Switzerland that terminally ill peeps can go for assisted suicides. Amazing stuff... Excellent documentary.

I searched and it's still available to see on PBS online...


RIP Jack...:)
We always hear politicians and other busy body blow hards preaching about "Quality of Life" but if someone chooses to end thier pain and suffering these know-it-all jack-ovs will be right there sceaming that an individual dose'nt have the right to make quality/end of life decisions.
It's truly discusting how far in a persons personal life these scumbags will stick thier noses.
For all the people Dr.K helped thru true compassionate care he'll be remembered as a bright lite and a caring soal.
If you have not yet seen it I highly recommend the HBO film " You don't know Jack" Al Pacino plays Jack Kevorkian in this story of his efforts to help terminally ill people.
Hey Nova Im Downloading It As I Type Looks A Great Film Btw.
Its a decent film, but so so depressing, hard not to be considering the subject.
So no one but me finds it ironic that the guy didn't die with the plastic bag over his own head? No moral attack on his deeds, just saying...
I remember the instructions...

" First you take a plastic bag
then you put it on your head.
Go to bed, wake up dead!! "

RIP Doc !!!
He had the courage to help people when no one would..
Here again--high irony. Sui--meaning one's own self, and cide--meaning to snuff.

How can you "help" someone commit suicide if it's, by definition, a lonesome act? You can only encourage them--courage being the working part of that word. Should that time come for me, I don't think I'd need any help finding a plastic bag nor my head either one.
A 90 something year old lady in San Diego county was selling suicide "kits" that she made herself (plastic bag with a cushioned collar and a tube that attached to helium tank). She wasn't arrested but Oregon is trying to make it illegal to sell to anyone in their state after a depressed young man bought one from her and committed suicide. Young 20's & not sick or in physical pain. This was on the news in the last month but I don't recal if it was before or after jack k died. The woman made it a business for herself after her husband died of cancer. (not from her kit).
Hospice usually helps people die comfortable, but not always.
My problem with suicide, assisted or otherwise, is that extreme pain can make you wish you were dead, but in a lot (not all) instances, STRONG medicine is available, doctors just won't give it!?! If there is no possible way to end unbearable pain, ever, then enough is enough. It is unbearable to watch someone suffer every second. I do think doctors should induce coma to stop pain until nature takes it's course...
FYI, I have begged for pain relief for my Nana...BEGGED! The hospice nurse made a call to hospice doctor, and they gave her morphine in her oxygen. She died as my Father was singing to her. "I'll be loving you, Always~~~ With a love that's true, Always~~~ and she was gone. No more suffering.

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