Satori, White Widow, Big Bud #1

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Ok, so since reading THG's SCROG DIY I have been wanting to get hold of some Satori beans, I just love White Widow and the Big Bud #1 were freebies.

The rockwool cubes were presoaked in a solution of 1ml clonex, 1ml Nitrozyme in 1l ph/d water.
No presoaking of the seeds or paper towel, just straight into the rockwool.
Today is 1 week since placing them in the cubes as dry seeds.
After 3 days, shoots began appearing.
At day 5, over half had shown me some green.

Day 5.JPG

Todays picture, all the Satori and White Widow had sprouted and was showing some healthy growth. A couple of the White Widow had to be helped since the seed appeared to have sprouted upside down.
The Big Buds ( The only reference to BB #1 I can find is from Dogs Nuts seeds) are poor, one is certainly dead, one showing good growth the other, who can tell?

Day 7.JPG

I am not sure where they are destined, soil or hydro. I may go with a soil grow since it offers more flexibility but I have yet to decide, it depends on how fast and how big they grow.

I will try to keep this up to date but diaries/journals are not something I am good at keeping.

first Seat:D

mojo for the grow
i got the hammock! im in, im doing both, w.w & BIG bud also. mine are going out for the summer on wed. big bud seems to be very strong plant. green mojo for the girls!! good luck
Going to pull a chair woody. GoodLuck with those babies.
Welcome aboard guys.
Things got off ok, all the Satori and Widow sprouted after a few days, no pre-soaking or paper towels remember.

First bit of bad news yesterday morning, one of the Satori fell over and despite some support with a paperclip and twisty wire it failed to recover.


I had changed the fan location. It was oscillating from side to side across the front of the veg space but I felt it was too harsh on the plants closest and they were suffering. I moved it to suspended above the lights, blowing across the wall behind the veg space so there was a more even coverage but failed to move the seedlings enough and this one paid the price.

I am really annoyed with myself for this since this seedling appeared to be the strongest grower.

One thing I have noticed is the Satori seem to be slower in developing a good root structure.
Each of the White Widow, even the ones I had to manipulate which ended up "twisty" have a bunch of roots, some of the Satori are still hiding in the rockwool.

One point on the "twisty" WW seedling, I dont know if they will develop into good plants because of the twisting of the stem. I plan to clone them ASAP since I dont know if that twistyness will cause problems when there is a 2/3' plant on top of it with juicy fat buds!!! (Heres hoping)

The big bud are still disappointing, only one has sprouted despite the same treatment of all 3 strains. Maybe because they were freebies, they were old seeds and could have done with a soaking for a couple of days but I have kept their cubes moist so maybe just poor quality seeds. This seems strange as they are labelled Big Bud #1 and the only reference I can find to this name is by Dogs Nuts seeds which are some of the most expensive around. The label on the pack when it arrived did not say Dogs Nuts however and I may be jumping to conclusions. Disappointing seeds all the same!

Peace W
I am in on this. I am growing satori too.
Green mojo woody.
wow they are barley started to grow and you sound like your ready to give up!! chill & smoke some:ccc: for starters, my w.w & b.b are the strongest i have going now, no worries there. secondly what are you using for lights? whats the temps of the room? u have some streach, maybe lights should be closer?? tell us more and the group will help u along. what till @ least week 4-5 b4 clones or food, then they are strong enough to chop up. enjoy and dont rush this
Update time.

Welcome to all who have subbed, all are welcome and comments/suggestions/critique happily accepted. Thanks to those who have done this so far, the way I see it, if I didnt listen, I would never learn.

Thanks for the tips Ruffy but this is far from my first grow and no, I was nowhere near giving up on anything. The big bud seeds that didnt sprout are still doing nothing but the one that sprouted is doing fine and I am determined to improve on my poor record with seeds.

Anyway, heres the environment info:-
Temps are between 76 and 82, Humidity is between 50% and 60%.
Maybe a little high for seedlings but they are sharing the space with 20 vegging clones so I need the humidity in there.
Lighting is 24/0 from a 4 tube, 4 ft T5 HO fixture and for their first week it was 12" away. The light was moved to 6" this morning after I had taken this pic.
They spent 5 days in the bubbler with plain ph'd water and a splash of BCuz rootfast. Ph is a steady 5.8


They are now all in a small home made bubbler, 7L with around 4L of water. Air is from 4x4" air stones positioned evenly and being fed by around 10l/min of air, it really bubbles in there.

The cotleydon's? on the Big Bud turned brown yesterday which is why I put some nutes in the solution.
There are one or 2 marks on the Satori, they look like nute splashes but are not. I have no idea what has caused them. I am very pleased with how they are developing. Apart from the twisty White Widows, the others look nice and strong. The Satori's roots are much bigger than the others, though all are developing nicely.

When I made up fresh water and added some nutes yesterday (I know it is early for nutes but the BB's yellowing leaves and browning false leaves suggested it needed something to munch on) I decided to try out some Canna Trachoderma on them all. I sprinkled a little on the roots before replacing them in the bubbler. I think this was a faith thing rather than knowing it would help as I have never used it before but I don't think it will hurt. I plan to do a side by side experiment and gj of Trachoderma and Micorrhhizae which will give me an idea how effective they are in hydro systems.

SO, overall, at Day 12, I think things are going well. This is normally the stage I make a mess of things with seeds but hopefully I have learned the lessons and it wont happen this time!

Peace W
Things are going well. Your babies in the bubblers are very nice.
Thanks Rose.
Checked them today and changed the water, had to do this to bring them into line with when I change my other nute solutions. They all appear happy though the growth on the twisted sisters is nowhere near that of the Satori.
It is amazing what a difference 3 days can make.
I think I have really done it this time in messing up seedlings!
2 days ago, my air pump failed, water dripped onto it from runoff on plants I have in soil. I didnt notice it and think the seedlings were without air being pumped for around 16 hours.
I connected a single pump with 2.5l/min as a temporary measure as all my other pumps are being used then yesterday I got a new pump and connected a couple more lines so it now has around 7.5l/min pumping into the solution. Still less than I had (10l/min) but it sure bubbles.


SO, that was yesterday and I thought disaster had been averted.
This is what greeted me this morning.


Here is a rundown on everything I can think of.
Distance from light
Solution: 1 gal water, 8ml of Formulex (seedling nutrient at 20% strength) ph'd to 5.8.

This morning, the ph was sitting at 6.6.

I have made a new solution with same strength Formulex, 0.5 ml cal/mag (The damage on the middle seedling suggested a calcium def), 2 drops of Superthrive (stress relief).


I am at a loss to see where I have gone wrong here. The pump failing was one thing but this is driving me crazy trying to work out a, where I went wrong and b. how do I fix the problem!

Suggestions anyone or would I be better posting this in the sick plants bit?

Thanks W

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