second atempt

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I may have to get in on that recipe 😊

why , so you can see how good yours is? 😍

maybe there is a food thread somewhere where we can post recipes?

I have a good one for banana nut bread and pizza dough .

but yeah , I’m gonna ask someone from Greece for a baklava recipe every time!

we need some Italians on here so I can get a good pie recipe
thats a good video for baklava but 2 things! Syrup is 1200g sugar 600g water 2 cloves 1 cinammon stick . When it start boiling med heat and Keep boiling for 5 minutes. Dont listen to any1! Always hot hot syrup hot baklava thats the right way. Day 21 i think (still drunk from Easter party) the little one is stunned but np . Does it look like i got some cal mag def or no what you think? Had some ph problems but i fixed it today . Ph was too low and i added 6.7ph water


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