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May 3, 2008
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alright so i got some beans sproutin now the thing is i only got one of each seed so i really need to take good care of them but both of them have poked strait up about an in with there seed still on top now the jack 47 seeed is opened wide and ypu can see the formation of the cotelydons inside but they are pure white still and the other a lemon skunk the seed just looks opened enough for the stem to come out honestly so what do you guys think my chances are of pullin these babies through
I find that, if the seed husk stays on the sprout, it's good to take a wet tissue and put over it. This will wet the husk allowing it to open enough to either fall off on it's own or can be pulled off easily without injury to plant.

Best to do when not too tall as the wet tissue will push the sprout down (of course)...but I've done this several times.
thanks good idea i attempted to touch it but they are just sprouted in rockwool and are very tender iwas afraid to bother it because i know how fragile the tiny roots are and it felt as if it would pull up if i gave it the slightest tug
Just put a drop of water on the shell to keep it moist and it will drop off. Keep the shell moist. I think a tissue would weight too much for an emerging seedling.
ok thanks for the advice i was kinds scared to but a tissue on it too ill just try to keep it wet
lol....done several times. The tissue (one ply) is no tougher than the soil it just pushed through, but keeps the seed wet. As I said, best for shorter, but I have done even on inch and longer like a charm every time.
I spritz the seed shell with a spray bottle real good then about 20 mins later I remove the shell with a pair of tweezers. Jmo

Edit: by the way I don't pull the shell off with the tweezers....I pinch the tweezers together then put the tip inside the shell and slowly allow the tweezers to open, which opens the shell off of the seedling.
should i do this given i can see in the shell and its sti

They just poked there heads up this mornin should i try to remove the shellbor just let it be for a day
alright well i got the one off the jack 47 it spit a lil more with the water and i just blew it off lol but the one on the lemon skunk is still hunkered on there pretty good i wet it down i guess ill try to get it off after work
well i just got home the jack seed came off but it still looks like their is a piece like fused to the plant still will this fall off or is something else i need to do

Some of my plants have the shell husk on for 2 weeks before it naturally falls off with no forced rush help.

What makes you think you need to rush nature?


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